Track day coaching

Learn new techniques, drive better lines, brake later...unlock more speed.

Step 1

Circuit Guide and Reference Lap

We send you a circuit guide and a reference lap for your upcoming track day. Just tell us where you are going and in what car, and we will give you an insight or a refresher into which kerbs and lines you should be aiming for.

Step 2

Lunch Time Pointers

Send in your video at lunch time and one of our coaches will take a look at how you are getting on. We will then send you 3-5 pointers and areas in which you can focus on to improve for the afternoon on track.

Step 3

Next Day Review

You will then pick out a day with your coach to sit down and review your driving on track. They will talk you through the strengths and weaknesses of your day, before setting you some new tasks for your next track day.

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Working with the coaches at Race Coach Online has really helped me to zone in on WHAT to improve on my track days. I drive a GT4 and a Honda on track days and being able to film my onboards, send them in on the day to a coach to review, and then sit down with them the next day, is so awesome
Shiraz Khan

What You Need

Any onboard camera mounted in a position so we can see your movements in the cockpit and see the track ahead

Recommended Software

Porsche Precision App
AIM Smartycam

How It Works


Make an enquiry


Send us your next track date including date and location


We will send you a reference lap and guide on the circuit before your day


At Lunch time, upload your best onboard lap to your account from the morning session

A coach will review your driving and send you 3-5 tips to focus on for the afternoon


After the day, you can upload more footage along with notes and data from your day


Book in a session with your coach who will review all of your stuff prior to the session


Spend 30 minutes going through everything with your coach on how to improve lines, braking, speed, cornering, techniques and more

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Dino Zamparelli

Dino Zamparelli has raced and driven many a different racing car. From single seaters, to Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, GT4’s, GT3’s, Classic Cars, Caterhams, Radicals, Ginetta’s and more!

There isn’t much Dino doesn’t know about Racing or Coaching! Dino spends a lot of his time coaching over race weekends and also on track days during the week.

He is a Porsche specialist, but has extensive knowledge on driving many other road and race cars.